Importance of payroll management

Paying your employees and contractors consistently and accurately is critical to maintaining positive work relationships. A business that doesn’t pay its employees consistently or miscalculates their income can expect a soured working environment. Bitter workers kill productivity as their faith in your company withers. A business cannot afford such a sloppy payroll.

When you charge Neff Accounting to manage your payroll, we will set up your pay schedule to be consistent and correct. Your employees and contractors will benefit from the assurance that they will be paid routinely and accurately. This stability will benefit the overall character and productivity of your business.

Our bookkeepers and accountants understand that your business may have unique payroll requirements. We’ll work with you to tailor a solution to meet your needs so that your payroll information is easily and effectively managed.

Our Payroll Services


At Neff Accounting, we make it a point to provide all our clients with a variety of quality payroll services:

  • Direct Deposit

    The extra business days it takes to deliver a check in the mail can be a lifetime for a worker who depends on that income. There’s always the risk that the check you sent will get lost in the mail or taken. Making direct deposit available as an option assures that the right person will immediately receive his or her paycheck every time.

  • Check processing

    Having the ability to make payments with checks is essential for any business. At Neff Accounting, we can print checks on stock with your signature already on it. This saves you time and streamlines the image of your business payments.

  • Any payroll interval

    Whether it’s weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bimonthly, Neff Accounting accommodates your payment preferences.

  • Timely payment on your Federal and State taxes

    We file and pay your taxes electronically to ensure you meet the appropriate deadlines.

Need help with your payroll?

Whether you or your business is in Peoria, East Peoria, Morton or any surrounding communities, we want to hear from you. Allow us to put our years of payroll knowledge and experience toward helping your business grow and prosper.

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